What We Did on Our Summer Vacation



We had a busy summer. 

Between May 1st and August 3rd, we did 52 performances of 15 different musicals. Most theatre companies do 5 shows a season…but I guess we’re not most theatre companies! From Shakespeare to Fosse, Disney to Dreamworks, we offered our community a little bit of everything, and a lot of opportunities to smile. Here’s a glimpse at our 2014 summer theatre mania! 

Dreamworks Theatrical’s SHREK, the MUSICAL














Disney’s BEAUTY and the BEAST, JR.
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In addition to these wonderful productions (which include many others that are not pictured), we also had a few special events. Dr. Allan Taaca and Jenn Doubleday took home 1st place for Judge’s Choice and 1st place for Audience Choice at this year’s Ballroom Extravaganza, while raising over $11,000 to kickstart our 2014-2015 season! We also had our first ever Fairy Tale Festival (quickly nicknamed FairyFest), which offered the tiny pirates and princesses in our community the chance to experience a small taste of what SCT has to offer. Thanks to Renee McMahon and the folks at Enchant My Party, we had a magical time! 



fairyfest arielWe know what you’re thinking. What’s next?! We have so much in store for this year, and we look forward to sharing it with you! Keep checking our Facebook page and our website for information about classes, auditions, and the multitude of ways that your family can become a part of SCT. We can’t wait to make your fairy tales come true! 


Musical Theatre Summer Camps

     Our mission statement is to inspire, educate, and entertain children and families through the experience of live theatre, both on and off the stage.  This one sentence drives everything that we do.  We strive to uphold it every day, and if we find ourselves planning something that doesn’t achieve it, then we throw it out and start over again.  In every show, every class, every workshop we aim to inspire, educate, and entertain your family, whether you prefer to be on the stage or behind the scenes.

Alice 10

Alice in Wonderland, Jr

 _____The On with the Show! camps we offer do just that.   Everyone who is registered for the camp is guaranteed a part in the show; the auditions on the first day of camp determine which ones.  When the show has been cast, they begin to rehearse!  For half of the day students take classes in dance, music and scenic arts, all designed to enhance the production they are rehearsing.  (For example, in Disney’s Mulan Jr. students learned tai-chi and fan dancing; in Robin Hood they learned stage combat and made coats of arms.)  The rest of the day is dedicated to rehearsing the musical and getting everything ready for three public performances!

42nd Street

42nd Street

_____In 2014 we are launching a brand new Summer at Arts camp experience at Savannah Arts Academy, designed especially for our teen performers.   For our inaugural season we will be producing Shakespeare’s The Tempest, A Chorus Line, and Sweet Charity.   Due to the mountain of material these teens will be learning, the day will take a more summer-stock approach to rehearsal.  They’ll rehearse until they’re all sweaty and happy, break for lunch, and then do it all again.  With this kind of schedule, we get to build an artistic momentum that is difficult to achieve with after-school schedules during the year.  I can’t wait to see the awesome theatre we’re going to make this summer at SAA!

     For the wee ones, we offer a series at Savannah Country Day School called Creative Adventures.  Our CA Director, Cynthia Holmen, has been directing this camp for eight years now, and it’s just about the most fun any 4-year-old can have.  Each week has a theme like pirates or outer-space, and the kids dive head-first into creative play using storybooks, puppets, costumes, arts and crafts, and imagination-igniting theatre games.  This is a half-day camp, and it is action-packed, to say the least!

The Bremen Town Musicians

The Bremen Town Musicians

      For the jittery among us, we offer a dance camp that focuses on jazz and lyrical dance styles commonly found in musical theatre.  As with all of our camps, we welcome students of all experience levels.  If you’re 7 and you’ve already won Miss Pirouette USA, or if you’re 17 and you’ve never lifted both feet off the floor at the same time, we will meet you where you are and take you to the next level.  This camp is fast-paced and fun, but we do include time for yoga and fancy breathing.

_____Of all of the wonderful things I get to do at SCT, summer camp is my favorite.   I love getting to spend time with my students when they are free from the stresses of their school lives.  Instead of seeing them in two-hour spurts, we have the time to truly get to know them, their strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes.  We share meals together, and we share inside jokes, successes, and failures.  Year after year I see new friendships built on lines of musical theatre.  This year, I hope you’ll be a part of it.

     Sign up for summer camps by downloading this registration form. Shows include The Stories of Scheherazade, Paintin’ the Fence: A Tom Sawyer Musical, Princess Whatsername, Twinderella, Disney’s The Jungle Book Kids, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr., Shakespeare’s The Tempest, A Chorus Line, and Sweet Charity.