What We Did on Our Summer Vacation



We had a busy summer. 

Between May 1st and August 3rd, we did 52 performances of 15 different musicals. Most theatre companies do 5 shows a season…but I guess we’re not most theatre companies! From Shakespeare to Fosse, Disney to Dreamworks, we offered our community a little bit of everything, and a lot of opportunities to smile. Here’s a glimpse at our 2014 summer theatre mania! 

Dreamworks Theatrical’s SHREK, the MUSICAL














Disney’s BEAUTY and the BEAST, JR.
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In addition to these wonderful productions (which include many others that are not pictured), we also had a few special events. Dr. Allan Taaca and Jenn Doubleday took home 1st place for Judge’s Choice and 1st place for Audience Choice at this year’s Ballroom Extravaganza, while raising over $11,000 to kickstart our 2014-2015 season! We also had our first ever Fairy Tale Festival (quickly nicknamed FairyFest), which offered the tiny pirates and princesses in our community the chance to experience a small taste of what SCT has to offer. Thanks to Renee McMahon and the folks at Enchant My Party, we had a magical time! 



fairyfest arielWe know what you’re thinking. What’s next?! We have so much in store for this year, and we look forward to sharing it with you! Keep checking our Facebook page and our website for information about classes, auditions, and the multitude of ways that your family can become a part of SCT. We can’t wait to make your fairy tales come true! 


Deck the Halls with…Wait…Did I Miss it? by Jenn Doubleday

   We sort of forgot we had this blog.

   Actually, that isn’t true.  I forgot we had this blog.  Mea culpa.

   But there were back-to-back tech weeks, and back-to-back holidays, and  I hope that the time you would have spent reading our updates was spent drinking hot cocoa with your family instead.  At least, that’s what I did!

   The holidays are a lot like tech week.  The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or say, planning a birthday party for your almost-two-year-old that may have gotten slightly out of hand, are enormously difficult and enormously rewarding.  You spend all week planning for the big day; shopping, cleaning, decorating, and failing to live up to your Pinterest board, all in the hopes that your dozen family members will enjoy themselves for a few hours.  It’s a week full of rushing and bustling, trying to perfect every tiny detail for a few moments of holiday bliss.  And that, in a nutshell, is what we attempt every week at SCT.

   Of course, instead of a few family members we invite 150 strangers, and instead of having them over once in December we perform about 210 days a year.  And they don’t clean up after themselves. Theatre, like the holidays, is an ephemeral pastime.  All the hard work and effort to plan that one magical moment is here today, and in the prop room tomorrow.  We rehearse three-minute musical numbers for hours at a time, and spend weeks rigging special effects that last only one second of each performance.  In doing so, we hope to create memories that will last a lifetime.

   Long after the cookies have been devoured and the wrapping paper has been thrown away, the memories of entertaining your loved ones remain.  You can laugh that the turkey was still slightly frozen in the middle, and you can start planning to make next year even better than this one.

   On opening night, sometimes the paint is still a little wet. Sometimes the magic trick doesn’t work like it should.  No matter what, we get the unique opportunity to make each show better than the one before it.  We get to see smiles on  children’s faces and delight in their eyes all year round!  Yes, tech week is just like the holidays, and I for one, am exceedingly glad that I get to live them all year round.

   This holiday season, SCT got an amazing gift in the form of a newly refinished stage!  Thanks to Mike Prow, Vann Doubleday, Eric G. Mitchell, Mark Padgett, Glory Padgett, Chris Bass, Josh Riggs, and Corbin Hernandez, our 7-year-old stage got a facelift, and boy, does she look beautiful!  You can check out photos of the entire process here…and while you’re there, don’t forget to like our page!  Thank you for being part of our zany SCT family.  Happy New(ish) Year!

Now and Then, by Carmel Grace Cowart

_____Six years ago, I accepted Kelie Miley’s offer to be her Assistant Director for SCT’s Creative Dramatics I class production of Tiny Thumbelina. Little did I know that that experience was going to radically change my life, for good!

Grace Repella and Anna Schneider in Tiny Thumbelina, 2008

Grace Repella and Anna Schneider in Tiny Thumbelina, 2008

_____At the time, I was in college finishing my theatre degree and had plans to move across the country to pursue a career in performing arts ministry. However, God had a different plan for me. During that twelve-week class at SCT, I discovered my true passion was not performing (although it is still very near and dear to my heart), but directing children and enabling them to perform!

Julia Hameed, Emma Byrd, Emily Self, Emma Hoffman in Tiny Thumbelina, 2008

Julia Hameed, Emma Byrd, Emily Self, Emma Hoffman in Tiny Thumbelina, 2008

_____I distinctly remember the immense feeling of JOY I felt on opening night! The kids were simply beaming with pride and excitement, proud of what they’d done. I was also smiling, for I was so very proud of them. I couldn’t stop thinking, Wow! I can’t believe I got to do this. I had a part in helping these kids achieve something wonderful, and look at how much joy it’s brought them! This is where I’m meant to be!

Andy Paul, Kate Daly, Grayson Parsons in Tiny Thumbelina, 2008

Andy Paul, Kate Daly, Grayson Parsons in Tiny Thumbelina, 2008

_____Six years, dozens of class shows, hundreds of talented children, and much glitter later, I am still directing our CD1 class, and love every minute of it! Teaching classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays are the highlights of my week because every class I get to experience that same joy as the students creatively discover and use their many talents.

_____This year, you’ll be able to see several of the kids pictured above in our December production of Godspell. They began in CD1, graduated to CD2, and have now moved on to our highest level class, Junior Company. The talents they discovered in my class in 2008 continue to be cultivated by the rest of our amazing theatre team. It has been a privilege to watch them grow and to know that I have been a part of their artistic journeys.

_____I am especially excited about this year’s CD1 Fall show because we are revisiting the wonderful tale of Tiny Thumbelina. It’s a story of love, adventure, and discovering where you belong. I’m so thankful that for me, that place is Savannah Children’s Theatre.


Carmel & Morgan

Ms. Carmel & Morgan Jane Anderson, Tiny Thumbelina, 2008