The Envelope, Please…

     We are thrilled to announce the cast* of our Winter Main Stage musical, CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG! This high-flying production will open January 23, 2015, with a stellar cast of talented singers, actors, and dancers. Take a peek!

Ford Headshot

Caractacus Potts – Ford Phillips

Lauren Cusker Headshot 2

Truly Scrumptious – Lauren Cusker

Jamie Keena

Baron Bomburst – Jamie Keena


Baroness Bomburst – Lauren Baxter

Lane McCullough – Jeremy

Molly Bass – Jemima

Grandpa – Jake Kawatski

Boris – Ali Wambold

Goran – JoJo Ward

Violet / Inventor 1- Gloria Rigsbee

Miss Phillips / Inventor 2 – Catie Casey

Inventor 3 – Michelle Negley

Inventor 4 – Maia Strickland

Inventor 5 / Coggins – Corey Hollinger

Greta – Taylor Rigsbee

Ensemble – Jamie Dease, Sarah Hennessy, Carina Hoelscher, Sarah Maples, Maeve Mobley, Liam Padgett, Zoe Poole, Maggie Rabitsch, Dylan Roberds, Sydnie Roberds, Ellie Strickland, Xavier Williams, Olivia Aubrey, Adam Davis, Philip Dease, Scout Holden, Sarah Iocovozzi, Zachary Kole, Skyler Lanier, Kealan Neal-Farr, Jasmine Robertson, Sarah Rose, Hope Strickland, Anna Tredway, Emily Toma, Hezekiah Williams, Olivia Williams

     *There are some actors who have not yet formally accepted their roles. Names will be added as our cast members confirm their involvement in this exciting new musical!

Calling All Bunburyists, by Bailey Keith

     I’m going to go ahead and boldly state that The Importance of Being Earnest is the funniest show I have been in to date.  Not only is the show itself hilarious, but as a cast we have blast. (Rhyme quite possibly intentional.)  The play, by the legendary Oscar Wilde, is a satire on the social expectations of young adults in the Victorian era.  My favorite thing about the show is its power to transform a situation so gravely serious to the characters into something incredibly silly to the audience.  

     That is an attribute that I believe adequately reflects one of my favorite things about Savannah Children’s Theatre; the encouragement we get to be as silly as possible.  SCT is a place where children and adults alike can leave behind any pressures to be “normal,” because really, normal can get quite boring.  Savannah Children’s Theatre calls to Bunburyists of all shapes and sizes.  Don’t know what a Bunburyist is?  Come see Earnest March 21st-30th and find out!  (See what I did there?)

     Alright, I’ll give you some clues. You might be a Bunburyist if..

…you have make-believe relatives or friends. (Imaginary friends can always be trusted.)

…you’ve made up an alias for yourself. (Just in case.)

…your origin is a terminus. (Or your background is unusual.)

…you have an ‘irresistible fascination’ with glitter. (Our floor is covered in it.)

…you like to be immensely overdressed. (This could qualify as anyone who likes to play dress-up or occasionally wear ridiculous hats.)

The cast of "The Importance of Being Earnest," being quite, quite earnest.

The cast of “The Importance of Being Earnest,” being quite, quite earnest.

     If you, or someone you know, fits any of the above, we want you to know just one thing.


     Savannah Children’s Theatre serves as a constant reminder of the importance of being you.   In addition to performance skills, SCT teaches us that being silly is okay, and being weird is just fine, and wearing 3-piece suits for no reason is kinda cool.  It doesn’t matter if you like bread and butter or teacake because variety is good.

   The word “earnest” means “sincere, heartfelt, and impassioned.”  I earnestly hope that you’ll buy a ticket to our little comedy, and that you’ll smile so broadly and laugh so loudly that you’ll text your friends to come see it with you a second time.  And I earnestly want you to come back and sign up for summer camp, or classes, or audition for a show.  Because no matter your baggage – small or large, with handles or without – SCT welcomes you.

Light Cues & Costumes & Props, OH MY! by Carmel Cowart

     Our Creative Dramatics 1 (2nd-5th grade) class production of Tiny Thumbelina opens tomorrow! The cast and crew have been knee-deep in Tech Week; putting all the finishing touches on costumes, set changes, lighting, props, hair and makeup. I am so very proud of each of these young performers! Their resilience and adaptability to change is quite impressive.

     For those that may not know, the CD1 class, directed by myself and Lauren Baxter, rehearses in SCT’s upstairs Green Room for eleven weeks of class. It is not until Monday of Tech Week (four days before their show opens!) that they step foot onto the stage where they actually perform the show. As their director, I aim to introduce only one new element of their show at each tech rehearsal, so as not to overwhelm them. On Monday, we run the show for the first time on the stage using props. Tuesday, we add in light cues. Wednesday, we start using mics. And Thursday, we do a final dress rehearsal with all those elements in full costume. Let me tell you, these kids take all those curve balls and knock ’em out of the park, er… the theatre! What I really love is that this cast has adapted to all of that change with the biggest smiles on their faces.

     Throughout each rehearsal, I have had the amazing privilege of witnessing their love of performing grow as they learn, and then watching them put what they learn into ACTION. I am filled with sheer excitement for them as opening night of Tiny Thumbelina approaches! There is so much more that I wish I could share with you, our readers, about these wonderful students and this show. However, since they are the brawn, beauty, and brains of this production, I thought it only appropriate to let them share a little with you. Here are a few of their thoughts about Tech Week, opening night, and being a theatre kid.

What’s your favorite part of tech week?

A: “Putting the whole show together on the stage.” – Megan Cullen

      “Costumes!” – Abbey Kate Daugherty

      “Props, because I get a sword in this play.” – Aidan Hayes

      “Opening night, of course!” – Isabella Webster

Q: What do you like about theatre?

A: “Being on the stage in the spotlight.” – Maggie Rabitsch

      “The adrenaline from performing and getting to play challenging roles.” – Noah Eastman

      “It’s fun!” – Amelie Steffen

      “Horrible things never happen here, only good things always. And it helps prepare you for college.” – Terrence Bush

Q: What’s your favorite line from Tiny Thumbelina?

A: “I like the mud.” – Maggie Rabitsch

     “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” – Abbey Kate Daugherty

     “I hate the word FROG!” – Terrence Bush

     “You can’t be ugly when you’re rich.” – Jolie-Anne Brosseau

Q: What’s your favorite play you’ve seen?

A: My Fair Lady” – Ansley McKee

      “Huckleberry Finn” – Aidan Hayes

      “Charlotte’s Web” – Megan Cullen

      “All of the SCT plays, because they’re SO GOOD!” – Noah Eastman

Q: What’s your dream role?

A: “Donkey in Shrek” – Abbey Kate Daugherty

      “Blue Fairy in Pinnochio” – Megan Cullen

      “Sheriff in Robin Hood” – Terrence Bush

      “Pinnochio” – Noah Eastman

Q: Would you like for everyone you know to come see your show this weekend?

A: An emphatic “YES!” from the entire Tiny Thumbelina cast!


     So come join us at SCT for Tiny Thumbelina,  a tale of love, adventure, and finding home.

Friday, November 15th at 7:00pm.

Saturday, November 16th at 3:00pm

Sunday, November 17th at 3:00pm

Click HERE for tickets!