Cast Announcement – How I Became a Pirate

Ahoy, thar, land-lubbers!  We suspect ye’ll be wantin’ ter meet the robust crew of our next Kids on Stage show, HOW I BECAME A PIRATE!  This fearsome group auditioned Tuesday last, and be gettin’ ready for a spectacular opening night just four weeks from now!

Jeremy Jacob: Truman Nash
Captain Braid Beard: Noah Edwards
Swill: Taylor Rigsbee
Seymour: James Wirick
Sharktooth: Dawson Cooper
Max: Kalie Swann
Scurvy Dog: Dylan Roberds
Pierre: Madalynn Learman
Pirate Crew: Brennan Bishop, Nathan Cochrane, Lauren Groover, Sophia Hashemi, Jordan McGarity, Reaghan Neal, Paris Prager, Braidyn Rigsbee

How I Became a Pirate Cast

Now, don’t let those nice faces trick you; they’re some o’ the fiercest pirates to ever sail the seven seas!  (Well, except fer that Jeremy Jacob fellow.)  We hope you’ll get yer boardin’ passes and join us for our voyage September 23 – October 2!

Meet the Cast of…


   Based on the popular children’s books by Mo Willems (of Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus fame), this fast-paced, super-silly musical was an instant favorite with SCT Staff and Kids.  Last night we had our first read-through of the script, and we had to wait for the cast to stop giggling before we could even move past page 5!  We laughed our way through the entire play as Elephant, Piggie, and their friends enjoyed the thrills of parties (Gerald knows parties), ping-pong, and pachyderm puns.  By far one of the silliest read-throughs we have ever seen!

So who are these silly people?  They are kids, ages 8-14, from all across Savannah, who enjoy sharing their talents with our community.  They also really want you to come see their show, playing September 25-October 4 at Savannah Children’s Theatre!

Raymond Olivia Noah Hez ReaganMolly Zoe TaylorSquirrelles       Come see these kids strut their stuff in just five weeks! (And don’t forget your party clothes!)

elephant and piggie cast

The Envelope, Please…

     We are thrilled to announce the cast* of our Winter Main Stage musical, CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG! This high-flying production will open January 23, 2015, with a stellar cast of talented singers, actors, and dancers. Take a peek!

Ford Headshot

Caractacus Potts – Ford Phillips

Lauren Cusker Headshot 2

Truly Scrumptious – Lauren Cusker

Jamie Keena

Baron Bomburst – Jamie Keena


Baroness Bomburst – Lauren Baxter

Lane McCullough – Jeremy

Molly Bass – Jemima

Grandpa – Jake Kawatski

Boris – Ali Wambold

Goran – JoJo Ward

Violet / Inventor 1- Gloria Rigsbee

Miss Phillips / Inventor 2 – Catie Casey

Inventor 3 – Michelle Negley

Inventor 4 – Maia Strickland

Inventor 5 / Coggins – Corey Hollinger

Greta – Taylor Rigsbee

Ensemble – Jamie Dease, Sarah Hennessy, Carina Hoelscher, Sarah Maples, Maeve Mobley, Liam Padgett, Zoe Poole, Maggie Rabitsch, Dylan Roberds, Sydnie Roberds, Ellie Strickland, Xavier Williams, Olivia Aubrey, Adam Davis, Philip Dease, Scout Holden, Sarah Iocovozzi, Zachary Kole, Skyler Lanier, Kealan Neal-Farr, Jasmine Robertson, Sarah Rose, Hope Strickland, Anna Tredway, Emily Toma, Hezekiah Williams, Olivia Williams

     *There are some actors who have not yet formally accepted their roles. Names will be added as our cast members confirm their involvement in this exciting new musical!

Drumroll, Please…


We are thrilled to announce the cast of our Summer 2014 Main Stage production, Dreamworks Theatrical’s SHREK the Musical!


Tony Davison, as Shrek


Samantha Cormier, as Princess Fiona


Christian Magby, as Donkey


Brandon Kaufman, as Lord Farquaad

   Kammeran Giggers – Dragon
Corbin Hernandez – Pinocchio
Ford Phillips – Big Bad Wolf / King Harold
Michelle Negley – Pig 1
Josh Holl – Pig 2
Catie Casey – Pig 3
Cat Racz – Fairy Godmother
Greg McBride – Peter Pan
Ali Wambold – Wicked Witch
Lauren Cuskar – Sugar Plum Fairy / Queen Lillian
Carmel Cowart – Ugly Duckling
Jeffrey Han – Puss in Boots
Deja Harrell – 3 Blind Mice
Laura Keena – Gingy / 3 Blind Mice
Michael Baldwin – Papa Bear
Lane McCullough – Baby Bear
JoJo Ward – Mad Hatter
Len James – Genie
Marguerite Cuquet – Red Queen
Martha White – Alice
Bailey Keith – Humpty Dumpty
Gabrielle Hanson – Elf
Finn Repella – Dwarf
Joshua Miller – Young Shrek
Lauren Baxter – Mama Ogre / Mama Bear
Chris Bass – Papa Ogre / Captain of the Guard
Emma Hohnerlein – Little Fiona
Katie James – Teen Fiona
A.C. Williams – Thelonius
Matthew White – Guard
Adam Davis – Spoon
Christiana Fecteau – Spinning Antelope
Raymond Ocasio – Little Bunny
Ensemble Knights, Guards, Skeletons, Rats, Citizens of Duloc, Happy People, Choir – Matthew Weeks, Eric Mitchell, Brennan Jones, Corey Hollinger, Tori Holcey, Morgan Jane Anderson, Nan James, Caylee McCormick, Taylor Watson, Mira Sneirson, Ami Palmer, Brianna Harvey, Carina Rae Hoelscher, Cathy Turberville, Ciara Flanders, Evelyn Darling, Gloria Rigsbee, Taylor Rigsbee, Hallie McBride, Jessica Reimer, Jessica Turberville, Julie Buzzurro, Katie McBride, Molly Bass, Morgan Hines, Samantha Hanson, Tyler Loomis, Vanessa Roman, Ally Lipp, Austin STrother, Caitlin McCarthy, Caroline Ansley, Colette Karnibad, Deandra Bernardo, Dylan Roberds, Emme Lipp, Hope Strickland, Jesseca Nivens, Julia Hameed, Kendraya Jones, Maya Poole, Meredith Dixon, Ryah Johnson, Stella Helmes, Sydnie Roberds, Rachael King, Zachary Kole

   Our warmest thanks to all who auditioned. Now let the fun begin!

SCT Cast of Disney’s Tarzan the Musical



     Congratulations and thank you, to the many who auditioned for our Winter Main Stage production of DISNEY’S TARZAN the MUSICAL! We are really looking forward to bringing this exciting, new musical to Savannah audiences in January, 2014. Here’s a peek at our stellar cast!

Corbin Headshot

Tarzan: Corbin Hernandez

Jane Porter: Laura Keena

Jane Porter: Laura Keena

Terk: Christian Magby

Terk: Christian Magby

Porter: Jamie Keena

Snipes: Len James

Kerchek: Matthew White

Father: Ford Phillips

Mother: Maia Strickland

Young Tarzan: Jackson Hines

Young Terk: Joshua Miller

Leopard: Corinne Willis

Expedition Crewman: Corey Hollinger,

Apes: Evelyn Darling, Ciara Flanders, Katie James, Nan James, Joshua Marcantel, Catie Morris, Michelle Negley, Gloria Rigsbee, Catherine Simmons, Anna Smith, Hope Strickland

Baby Apes: Alex Castro, Anna Claire Edenfield, Noah Fisher, Merrik Foune, Carlie Godbee, Morgan Hines, Annah Manterfield, Raymond Ocasio, Miles Ralph, Taylor Rigsbee, Ellie Strickland


     What a great group! We’re still waiting to hear from a few cast members who have not yet called to officially accept their roles. As soon as we get a positive confirmation that they are on-board, their names will be added to this cast list as well. 🙂